If you're going to hire a moving company

If you’re going to hire a moving company

  • Keep in mind that the budgets you are going to receive are always indicative. In case you show interest they will send you a technician home for the final valuation. It will take into account not only the total volume of what needs to be moved, but also many other aspects, such as the number of operatives required, the form of access to the house, the elevator or the width of the stairs.
  • Some companies offer independent services, where you can save if you decide to make them yourself, such as packing or assembling and dismantling furniture. If you have flexibility in the dates you will also get benefit, either by sharing moving with other customers or by choosing Valley or low season dates.
  • It is imperative that the company you choose complies with the requirements required by law for the sector, which is registered in the corresponding municipal registry and which has a liability and merchandise insurance. There is also no other review if it is registered in the main associations and federations of the sector.
  • You have the right to a written contract, a better approved contract-type, which clearly specifies the type of service and all the necessary details: date, place, insurance, full inventory, price and indemnifications.
  • If your belongings are very valuable you can weigh the convenience of hiring additional insurance that increases the amount of the indemnity if they are damaged. In any case it is advisable to take photos of the state before moving to be able to claim if necessary.
  • If at the end of the transfer you find damages that are perceived externally, they must be reflected at the same moment in the inventory that the carrier will make you sign. If they are of another type and are not seen with the naked eye, you should know that the consumer has 24 hours to claim in writing to the company.
  • In any case always requires invoice at the end of the service, along with the inventory, the contract and the photos will be your guarantee before any eventualidad.www.relojesreplica.es

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