International Removals

International Removals

International Removals

This service is carried out following the strictest international standards regulated by associations registered in the United States and Latin America, to which we are affiliated; this allows us to offer you complete security of the destination of your move or shipment to any part of the world, as well as the reception of your belongings and provide you with constant information of the place and state in which your cargo or move is found.

We have more than 1500 international agents around the world who support our services, to be able to take care of boarding, air, sea and land transportation.

Likewise, we handle all documentation of the shipment of the move, taking into account the destination country, which allows us to offer a door-to-door integral moving service with total quality.

Our service includes:

  • Personnel specialized in packaging, that is, packers properly uniformed and identified.
  • Assembly of boxes and drawers of wood or plywood made to measure for the articles that require it.
  • Preparation of the inventory list in residence of origin.
  • Filling and sealing of waterproofed containers at the entrance of your residence.
  • Transportation of the cargo from your residence to the port terminal authorized by customs.
  • Customs procedures: union payments and boarding fees.
  • Contracting and payment of the respective international freight to the port and / or destination airport.
  • Notification to our representatives about the arrival of the shipment and other details.
  • Reception and supervision of boarding by our representatives at the place of destination. Customs clearance at destination. Unpacking and installation in the new residence.


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