Storage and Packaging

Storage and Packaging

Storage and Packaging


Lacking space in your office? Excess of documents in your office? 

We solve the problem by transporting and storing your commercial and legal documents (invoices, referral guides, SUNAT declarations, etc.) that by law you must keep, keeping them in adequate and reliable facilities for the time you require and returning the documents at the moment request it.

Did you sell or rent your house?

We can solve the problem by packing, transporting and storing your belongings in adequate and reliable facilities for the time you require and returning them to your new address at the time you request it.

Arrangements and modifications in your residence?

Living with the construction (materials, masons, tools) can cause damage and deterioration to your belongings. We can help you by offering a service of custody of your furniture while the work in your residence lasts.

Do you have to go outside Lima?

If for some reason you have to leave your residence and do not have how to store and protect your furniture, we offer you the technical advice that best suits you in terms of transport, packaging and warehouses.

For these services we have permanent technical advice, equipment, structures and human resources that just by contacting us, will start thinking about your well-being.


This service is performed by experts and using the most appropriate material. We apply the most modern packaging methodologies so that all your belongings are protected at all times, guaranteeing an excellent service and a high safety index. The items will be packed in a variety of boxes manufactured specifically for Contimovers Relocation. Special materials will be used to better protect the items to be packed.

The material that is normally used for packaging is bubble wrap, newspaper, silk paper, glass separators and protective foam.

We make a variety of packaging, such as:

  • Heavy Packaging.
  • Fragile Packages.
  • Artworks packaging.
  • Machinery Packaging.
  • Manufacture of wooden drawers Lift Van (Maritime).
  • Craft packages.
  • For storage.
  • For consolidated loads.


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